Working Hard

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Chorus: Cuz I been workin' hard
When the devils all abroad
They be hatin' on the kid
That is so flaw
But I keep on going
Same story no sob
Where ever I go
They just wanna follow
I been dreamin big and to the moon
Mindset of Aristotle
Working hard yeah that's the motto
As a kid I told mama imma win the lotto
Imma buy her a house
Imma buy her every car
I told her also imma be a superstar
That u see on tele vision
But for now its greatnes in the makin you just witnessed
And I get it how I'm livin
Drinking Hi C and spittin writtens
Kickin back n chillin
Rippin through these beats like its nobodies business
But for right now
I'm heavily in the closet
I'm on the mic and they got it
N if they say anything else this place is gone cockpit
Cuz I hear everything u sayin
I don't condone any violence
I am just grindin higher
Then the pilot
Swear to god all these haters talking just a virus of a tyrant
They ain't never chase a dream in they life
But my daddy told me if u got haters then u be doing something right
So I'm sittin tight
I told myself my future gonna be bright
I do this for my daddy right before he saw the light
So I pray to god at the end of every night
[God please keep everybody safe, make sure everyone is happy and healthy, and say hi to dad for me AMEN]
I been working hard
When the devils be all abroud
They trynna tear me apart
But I ain't never gonna break
N I'm always gone stay the same
I could travel from Florida to George new Orleans and Kansas
But the plan is to never change
N the ones who were with me since the first day
They'll always remain
Andll be recognized when I hit the fame
Don't judge me at all if u never knew my pain
Loosing my house my pops
Lost in my own thoughts
Didn't know where to go
But poetic rhymes must of meant the most
Cuz I'm sitting here venting
Bout the things that I wrote
And everything that I reap and sow
Cuz I been going through the same things on a daily basis
People constantly hatin
And trynna tell me what to do
I tell em like screw you
Who's me to u
Imma superior king
To a kid hatin who's self esteem is mi-nute
Now I could be the realest thing u ever listen to
But ya gotta really listen through
Cuz the things I say and pain my way that's all true
But I pave my way all the down to my roots
Just because I'm rappin they think imma damn crook
Nah not at all just the hottest thangs in my notebook
They thing they got me all shook
But this is the opportunity I took
Over the horizon you gotta look
Bigger pictures bigger dreams
A bigger world it may not be all what it seems but life ain't easy and that's the theme

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