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Let me tell you how I feel I am getting so surreal
As I’m breaking off the seal like a human highlight reel
I’m a fish outta water, flow volcanic like lava
Volatile dollar changing every minute I stay a scholar
I started from the ground up, since I was a young buck
Building foundation, rather than hoping for money and luck
So fucks given equal zero, I just write what I flow
Information is power, that bomb’s about to blow
Straight in the face, call it the brain or the cranium
It’s all about the body of work, not the lump sum
Call it cash, ass, ash from the weed I pass
Going fast, but slowing down takes me from first to last
And I won’t stop until I hit that last breath
Me and music made a commitment to run until death
I confess that stress puts me in spots that aren’t the best
I take that test, flying colors, ya’ll know the rest
Build from the basics and take risks
I used to be floppy with music, now I am a hard disk
Channel electrical energy from positivity
Respectfully disagree with my own worst enemies
I’m free from negativity so I hone ability
Harness opportunities presented to M-E
As an MC, I fight for what’s right in my heart
That’s where you gotta start with the passion for the art
I’m frequently checking frequencies, compression don’t need knees
I carpe diem, seize these days because they are free
I’m staring up in the clouds for something profound
Confound sounds I’ve been creating, I am not bound
To expectation, work on enunciation
Pronunciation too, fuck it, just work on dictation
Not dictated, like we would be with Trump
You call that shit an upper decker I call it a Donald Dump
And while I’m at it, I’ll say I’m from the 802
I’m feeling the Bern, because the words he speaks are true
And that’s what you gotta do when you making music
Instead of pussy, money, weed, I choose rhetoric
Cause it makes sense, not talking about green
Flip the n to a d, I hate corporate greed
In order to succeed, you gotta lead not follow
Time is like a loan, paying back what we borrow
Except the interest payment lets us make a statement
What we choose to do with it, we do in the present
It’s not gifted to us, so we gotta go and take it
Make mistakes, don’t be fake, or you’ll forsake it
So are there any questions that you have today?
Was the lecture sufficient? Or did I go astray?
I’ll empty out the ashtray and begin the lesson
My name is John Stone and class is in session

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