Stolen Soul

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Being an addict addicted to a habit has me acting sick
i just can't handle it i always have to have a hit
I always have a pipe packed with a sack of it
either crank or crack it doesn't matter just pass the ....
to keep my high going without any sleep for weeks
I'm just a freaking tweak thinking i don't need to eat
losing weight looking for the place where fools are pushing weight
crave the taste because I'm hooked and i don't think i could escape
from this addiction always on a mish for getting more
forgetting life cuz hitting pipes is what i'm living for
this is a war I'm fighting daily who in this life could save me
my life is crazy maybe ill just die to day escaping
this bondage that I'm in its obvious I'm gone
it's gotta be a problem that evolved into a dominate sin
i caught up in a game played with out no extra men
it's more sick then excrement festering were just the best of friends
verse 2
my entire life is defined by my dire need
put the fire to the pipe smoke gets inside of me
through my throat to my lungs filling up my blood stream
its sick but i must admit I'm nothing but a drug fiend
doing dumb things just for drugs so disgusting
im stuck on the one thing that next hit it sucks me
in like a suction letting it win as i suck in
the chemical compound designed to erupt in
my mind corrupting my inner self
im tripping how i got stuck in this living hell
my systems down as it malfunctions I'm crystals victim
she's like a missile ripping through my flesh like circumcisions
when i gave birth to the worst decision i ever made
to take that first hit it hurt like surgical incisions
with merciless persistence and my little to none resistance
i was afflicted in submission given over to it
verse 3
the source of it is sorcery its forcing me with force
on a crash course deporting me on the wrong path of course
it was having intercourse with me straight having its way with me
not chance for an abortion i had to have its baby
i got the magic sack from pharmacists at pharmacies
it had me acting like a larcenist committing larcenies
i was in the realm where satanic stars exist
charging it to credit cards sold of the market quick
what i thought was a bargain marked me with a triple 6
i couldn't be a part from it i was a part of it
or better yet it was a part of me it had me in the dark i
incarcerated at the heart as it was hardening
flowing through my arteries man i could hardly breath
i was like a harlot blind i could hardly see
i was treated like a prostitute it always got my loot
i was lost till i sought the truth of the cross the Fathers proof

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