Cypher Entry #1 - Jaime

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Eyes like a Black Dragon
I'm Matt Damon
The top botanist martian
Marchin' not walkin' quick bitch
Itchin' to hit the spliff
Listen it's vitamin kid
I shit and piss on the lid
Bin spittin' kickin' it lit
The kid is frickin' twitchin'
On a mission to cop a lot of pot
Pop, then drop fizzin'
and to top the opposition, SHIT!
Drop a bomb on the pigeons
Stop in your moms for kisses
Rob your watch and riches
And watch as you wash the dishes
I could probably smoke more weed than Snoop Dogg
It's true dog,
But honestly I can't afford to
I'm poor dude
In torn shoes, I'm short fused
Ready to blow at any second
Neckin' the Pope, a Breton
With a heavy weapon headin' rogue..
A laughable flow,
patchin' the boat
Snatchin' yo gold
Till the hatch is full
The classical, radical, theatrical
Graphical, tactical, Impassable
And I chief the weed till I believe
I'm actually magical

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