First Cypher.

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How do you feel?
This shit’s about to get real
No popping pills, Ladies feelin, Meek Millin’
Drilling, fracking, smacking the asses backwards
Doesn’t matter to me, this shit is only make believe
Starting beef, serve your ass on a platter for free
Trust me, it’s an all-you-can-eat buffet dinner for three
Go against me and see, like Adam and Eve
You’ll be grabbing for that apple off of that tree
Begging for me, I’m more than practical needs.
I’m packing a mac in the back of a bag and you better run fast if youre wanting to last
Now you’re starting to ask,
Where’d you come from and how do you rap so fast?
I didn’t come into this, I was born with this shit
I’m always WRAPPING like you are when you ‘bout to get lit
Smashing opposition, splitting oceans like moses did to the fishes
This is a holy mission and im not simply dissing
I’m dishing out this rendition like dre in the kitchen with prescriptions
Now shut up and listen
I got many bars like im Gucci Mane in prison
You heard this and immediately knew Christ had risen
im changing gears like transmission just to prove im driven
Who’s gonna win the cypher? Dont even ask, that’s a given.
This might be my first, but you know that Legion is still winning.
I am 16, and I’ve got a dream and to achieve, me and my team
will go head to head and fist to fist, like Conan,
I will defeat you all alone, call me Ronin
Like Kendrick I’m golden, so fuck yall i goes in
Like J. Cole I’m chosen, heat up, no frozen
On cloud 9, Im floatin’, drinks up, they toastin’
I’m classic, beethoven, I’m teaching, theyre noting.
And no doubt, surely the best around
Fresh Prince part two, im soon to be crowned
Im such a miracle, even deafs hearing the sound
Told id be nothing, so just shut your mouth
Ive spoken to the people, and now they want more
You listen and read along, jaw dropping to the floor
This shit that youre learning, more education than core
Getting allowance for this shit, but its not even a chore
Blast this shit with lightning i spit, more forceful than Thor
Norse myths don’t have nothing on me
I’m writing history, Im not just going down.
Take more than four shots to take this PACquiao down.
End this shit once and for all
I’m not gonna stop until the tallest of giants fall
Knees first, I’ll bring you to a crawl.

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