Four walls

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Four walls
These four walls surrounding me,
got me feeling free,
cuz outside these walls ill go crazy,
this pen and beat are unleashing the Beast,
from Midwest Osama Ruled MidEast,
now he is deceased,
since Obama took the seat he received heat,
See these aliens come to bring Terror not peace. along with me, is this bottle the love of my life,
my model is have a virgin attitude and roll the dice, chi-city on the fitted Jordan on the boots, protected by the spirits the Ouija board unCooped,
Ivan ooze, ya some spoofs, ya don't spook,
trash Hooks and Rhymes laid on wack Loops,
dirty looks, upon my life portrayed by tattoos, broke, so I gotta take all your loot,
dope, so Ill smoke all ya in the booth,
trying to make a name for myself represent my roots,
Then I'll leave and Just disappear into the night poof
Verse 2
Dadadadada baby on the way,
child support job blows dropped out by the way, karma you a bitch Na don't ask if I'm ok,
I just spent the night thinking how Ima make it through the day. (Dam)
with what I'm going through, something to say?,
yeah I'm fucked so fuck you too anal way,
ain't know way you crowned beast you biting hooked bait,
Bon appetite you a lion with tooth ache,
You hear me coming like a Giants foot quake,
I'm outside your window I ain't lien look hey!.
Where you going please stay have a listen
Im on mission to tie you up my way of dissing
Sew you rappers up ass to mouth just a few incisions
Through my vision,
you'll see it different,
very, big ass fucking mission-,ary,
decision after decision, contrary,
wishing iwasnt bathing in salt , Jerry,
they criticize my art when these walls start to talk, scary.
Look in through these doors what do you assume?, grew up imaging and watching cartoons, my angels fought my demons in this very room, been more waisted then time and higher then the moon.
Boom! Drop bombs with rhymes I write, bar after bar my alcoholic life, you don't know bout it let these walls recite, and know I'm hotter then fire and colder then iceee.
Verse 3
Up all night thinking Rimes can't sleep,
cuz if I close my eyes I'm in pain or deceased,
their knife fingers pointing at me,
cuz I'm the villain in the story Evils all I can be.
I Spent half my life trying to find myself,
pier pressure send my guardian angel to hell,
but I'm a stubborn mutherfucker always dared to dare,
with any challenge like chip no shit I'm Never
Heir to the thrown of misfortune and despair
Hear these verses lerking echoing through my lair
Trying to slicence the voices whispered in my ear
Hallucinations sleep paralysis and nightmares
Illuminating Eyes staring me in the dark,
tears fall from mines bad luck likes to stalk,
like if I broke a thousand mirrors fractured spine managed to walk,
I'll find my fucking mind the day these four walls start to talk.

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