RapPad Cypher #1

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They said to become a legend, never settle for the level
You've gotta make it your personal vendetta, to achieve better
Putting in all your effort, so you can walk away feeling like your greater
Damn my father told me that I would make it
If I'm more patient and learn who to put my faith in
Pacing round my bedroom stuck in the same station
Feeling 'placent in myself cause I'm proud of this situation
Let's take it back to my roots, to the tunes with my mates
When they introduced me to Eminem, damn my life would never be the same again
Rehearsing his rhymes before I spat them all at break time
People would hate it and it would get to me
So instead I consistently tried to promote positivity
And that still sticks with me, cause to some degree
I feel that I need it before I have to pay the penalty

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