(who knew) No hard feelings

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I got a lot on my mind oh how could I forget the time
Its time to go in I'm on the grind
I'm about to school ya your the child I left behind
all these rappers acting like they made it
You stole his sound and I effin hate it
They don't love you they love him
Eminem came up with that shh
You stole it
The chances of you winning its a little slim
Watch you die tonight I'll R.I.P the grim
I didn't come here to play
Who gone stop me anyway
y'all fakes got to go
Im killing em murder she wrote
I'm a female rapper and I'm doing my thing
Don't get it confused cuz I sing I'll break bread with you
Then shoot you in the face
I'm the queen you better take a bow
I came up in 3 months
I'm about to take a rappad star down
Y'all praised him
Now I have to erase him
Kill in my wedding dress Vera Wang him
Who's behind your pen
Who gets this jail sentence
Who's getting served behind these bars
That I'm dishing
Tell the lames don't make an entry
You know I'm behind this pen cuz my pen go 10 zero
Pen of the centuery
You ain't got Nothing on me
You been doing this all your life
I'm a force to be reckon with I did this overnight
In this cypher you gon die early so wake up and smell the coffin
this gone be over easy like my eggs on Sunday morning
easy breeze don't try to makeup
Some stuff about me rhymez too beautiful
this could get ugly just like the look on your face
my pen do damage thats a permenat that a image you can't erase
I'm too flashy I'll capture this moment
Thought I couldn't handle ya
shake you until you get the picture like a polaroid camera
try to test me you'll fail why cuz im the teacher you the student
I decide if you proviel better yet
I decide of you excel my words to powerful
get the point
You gone fail
Its over Somebody get the shovel
My code to hard to crack
Access denied to my level

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