Change (Cypher)

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I'm startin' early
got too much to get off my chest and feelin kinda surly
it'd be nice to kick back take a rest and not contest the alluring of this nine year pergatory
well that's the story, but I pro-crass-tinate so much I got a jersey that says fergie
haven't heard of me but I've been lurkin', gonna keep shoutin' till I see some ears perkin'
ya'll act like buzzards when you come circlin', yeah I'm alive just not down with your circle jerkin'
ya'll hope I direct this at a certain person, so ya'll can start drama slingin' cursin' verses and other derp shit
Maybe one day you'll learn who to worship, don't mean to brag but ya'll are dingy's and I'm the war ship
Okay may-bay I'm a little cockay, but I don't see any one round' here trying to stop me
Trying to drive-by in a 6-9 like you're flossin', meanwhile I'm over here hangin' with lockheed martin
shkreli, there's no telling what I'm selling, I'd kill Elmo, Ernie, Bert, Big Bird, AND Kermit
I don't even need a permit, yeah I hear the lemmings cry but yo they didn't tithe so they probly deserved
I think I have to admit, this circuis is due for a change turn a new page it's a new day so I'd just like
to say that
don't know how to change, rearrange, I've never left this cage, it's always been this way
I'd like to see the day where our kids can go and play out in the streets with any company no matter the
GDP, or their sympathies, it's just simp-a-ly an expression of humanity, we don't gotta like each other
but it wouldn't hurt to pretend, must've gone off the deep end, lost my edge? keep dreamin', I got an itch
to hunt and it's bout to change season
keep talkin' shit you leeches, I'll crucify you so hard you'll be jealous of jesus
by the time I'm done defeating MCs shit, they'll have change my name from Feezor to Caesar
Start in the midwest and spread out like a fever, won't stop till you see my face on the steeple
I'm no less violent than your average leader, but if your girl is cute then I might have to steal her
Enough of this fake shit, just don't have the patience, I'm more pent up than a latent rapist
Gotta dominate this matrix like a dominatrix, the harder I come on the beat the more that you like it
Living in darkness while trying hard to keep sight
this little bit of light is tighter than a teenage dyke
it's so politically correct I have to watch what I said
almost offensive to be a straight white male
liable to end it all if I ever got the chance
luck is so bad I'd probly shoot my cat instead
wanna commandeer rappad like the repo-man
gonna volunteer or shall I take possession?
I aint no stan just a fan on the lamb no ambitions but to temper agressions and teach you a lesson
with whatever is neces-
sary, how dare we, look life in the face and keep staring
but you best not blink lest it turns into Carrie

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