We at war

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Free nation, if nobody else going to say it, I'm going to say it, we at war
Verse 1
I feel like im stuck in the matrix
with these politician faces
the puppet master of the masses
the most evil of the races
They want us to have hatred in our hearts
Doing nothing but playing the parts
ill reach the top 100 on the charts
We make it back like lewis & clark
So the image they portray is
This guy is a muslim
or that guy is a racist
Ring the alarm,
the government is dropping the bombs
they drafting soldiers
A war of arms
Who was really behind the acts of Sadaam
Or Osama Bin Laden
Who the real assassins
These are facts, this is my passion
they say they're gonna save us
Remember 9-11
yea the ones in heaven
Went through gods gates, But no kevin
Starting dreaming at the age of 11
Hoping for a miracle
That dice hits a 7
I never went to high school like mac & devon
Mark my words
my music will be heard,
everyday I rise with the birds
We at war everyday (2),
they stand you up, Shoot you down (2)
Everyday (2) We at war everyday.
Verse 2
All the closed doors
All the hype
there's something dark going on
something fighting against life
genocidal operations
FEMA camps, concentration
Lives will be taken
So when its comes around
I wont be found
Look for me, I'll be in my town
speaking the gospel sound
eyes so blurry
tell us not to worry
But bury the truth
corrupting minds of the younger youth
Cold hard facts
Martial Law in full effect
right at your neck
if proven innocent your still a suspect
thought the cops were supposed to serve & protect
Shots fired that's direct
Better lace up your boots
Its war time
Picture the war crime
Till my prime
all this in one rhyme
They take your freedom by force
A One World plan
Slaves on demand
Mental chains
entrapping brains
Guided by government hands
Do you believe in their stories and lies?
They cover up their ears,
When they hear your soul cry
We at war everyday (2),
they stand you up, Shoot you down (2)
Everyday (2) We at war.
Verse 3
I just want peace for this nation
Equal rights & Presentation
be free from the congression
these the acts of legislation
have my music go worldwide
An show my own demostration
From saving kids of starvation
Im starting a new generation
I have the right to speak
an rise to break the peek
You have the government?
I'll have the letter sent
you keep everything hidden
put away & forbidden
I'll burn it all good riddance
what we supposed to do
knowing what comes next isn't true
This is not about one
it's about the police two
they turn to justice through vengeance
Killing multiple civilians
They claim to be a hero
I'll rate them a zero
Pull you over for the color of your skin
pretend to listen
when you try to defend
it's a loss every time you never win
Abusing there power
like the venom is sour
Go to work get payed every hour
is another day through the rains an showers
I prey none for the cowards
Rest in peace
I won't forget about the twin towers
We at war everyday (2),
they stand you up, Shoot you down (2)
Everyday (2) We at war.
We at war everyday (2)

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