Different perspective

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Why do I keep thinking these thoughts?
Why can't I get them out of my head?
Verse 1
God, fuck I'm insane
Brain never shuts off
Saints our cut off
Demon say I need a sawed off
Fuck good grace that's gods talk
Play my music till his Nogs off
Face gnawed off till he nods off
Get your paws off me
I'm godly, like Eminem
Talks softly till I hit a sentiment
Then I bark unlawfully then I vent a fit
Throw it to the wind has no benefits
Like caution risk equals rich
Bitch equal moppin rich people shit
Like the best sauce I'm topping
these fucker bit by bit
Hit by hit, stitch by stitch
But what's real talk tho
Not bout yo Glock tote
Prost blow Or hot hoes
talking bout real shit
Kid missin meals
Sicknesses that kill
Climate shifts, heat builds
Oil drills, drug deals
Mugging with no handle
Gov shrugs graves dug
Big comps making tons
Giving non to less fortunate
now tell me who's the innocent ones?
Chourus x2
I've never been no angle
Still pretty naive ain't ageold old
What I offer is a different angle
A Different pov, prospective
And mine mixed with his
Mixed with hers mixed with yours
Well, we might just find what we're looking for
Verse 2
We all have dreams
But few pull the strings
Till the seams fall loose
They Say there diluted
Thoughts are polluted
Mocked cuz they have the balls to pursue it
The balls to make a movement
Say Mlk Didn't tell his dream
Deemed things wouldn't change in century's
drop of a Pennie he's running
instead he sacrificed his life for believes
back in history that was classified
As a great leader
Now we're drinking fakes in liters
Are sinking fate lays and titers
On candidates aka air head totters
Not British, Only use their slang
When contemplating bout switching states
maybe amish no more kitchen aids
But that's be honest just bitching mate
Even so, I still Dish insults till I get a clean plate
Clean slate but been known to make a mess
Been distressed about this long fucking test
Life, but can't obsess about a perfect percent
Sometimes u just have give it your best
And let God handle the rest

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