Spooky Flatulence

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this to haters to Gawking i jack off to chicks who are thick
but skinny waist im talking of course bout that lulelemon split!
i be rapping prebusesent since, A summer in the sixties
People say im a bummer and now im dealing with a six freak
he reminded me, im sorry pardon me excuses from a canadian
im hard to see cause im a small individual like gradient
is this kid even making sense? must be he so broke
so-so flow goes medio, to the core-shit, white skins used to burns i still shine like porcelian
and of course im in the rap pie, like a rap rabi rocking an acordian
sorry, my mind wanders, i enjoy the moment and spend time to ponder
explore yonder inward, see your skin turn to ink burns,
which cinders hold tale of old scales from snakes against the inchworms
and in turn, tells tales, tells heads and tails they both fails,
curses from vikings that burn their own sails,
and turn holy men into the ones that drove nails.
when you pull the trigger. and you know the scope nails.
and when you cant sing but you rap its like your hope wails.
literally, but enough about the sad shit,
i wanna hear rap hits thats at least slighty above the average
well i can tell ya all day how spaggetti is forever bruh
but some dudes dont got the meatballs nawmsaying etcetera
check the leather cuffs, just kidding im a virgin,
im not ashamed because usually my desisions are certainp
and ive never been deterred and ive never been set astray,
till the day that shit finally grabbed a hold of me.
at first she was my side chick medusa wins oh and three
switch that around and thats what i was blasting on my old cds!
aha! only once and at night, i got my shit done and i would always act tight
lets go back to that life, no more of this sad stride
ima get that cash pride and them fucking haters gasp wide
And swallow all of it consume for your fat pride!
slim it down bruh, theres over 7 billion mothafuckas born and dying get some smacks. aiiiight
pussies i tell ya i love em though cause after this
i wont be anymore no more periods or asterix
and to those who truly feel like theres no aftershit
maybe you should consider weird things try and fathom it
im more than adequate stop acting like a massive bitch
your birth was mostly chance hell were all just a bunch of accidents
its winter and i dare ya to keep that ass to fence,
okay sounds good we having fun thats all that matters that depends
wait i said no periods! i cant even keep up to one line its getting serious
your spooked, but see the fear is this
you dont know if youll make it, atychiphobia weirdish shit
yall dont know league your in
sewer chat the leagues urine
pls rito disable cross chat dont let them beak our friends
Who cares if they mad what are you a cheap comedian
laugh at him guys! ahurr de hur hurr
my nerd beaks probably just sound like *bird chirps*
sorry if i rap sometimes i might slurr these words worse
than a fifth grader but at least i mean it when i say fuck you like sure your words word
just like your ambition and fortitude,
tell me homie is it you you pay glory to?
worship the man in the mirror he means more to you
succed bro succeeed bro go to jail and see what i mean bro
i used to set up my tent camp out in the gazebo
whats the diff between bed and dirt?
you still swallow bugs when you sleep i just get em first
feel my vibes like electric work elechickens,
lazy welders, pipe fitters with next to no chill
thats the life of working on an oilfield worry not for no bills
but 12 hours a day feeling stupid make a man get so ill
no skill just a helper weakling with a temper
Vote for me to win im more than just a Rap-Pad member.

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