Conscious Choir

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Huh, yall bitches arrogant
Living life a Benz or a Bently we in an era when
Money equals happiness and fuck all of the poor
For sure, its getting worse push em out the suicide doors
Of your car, and if they make it home, they getting robbed
While listening to your music glorifying the wrong
Its just song, but subconscious caused it all to prolong
With the shit that all you ramble bout is the guns you've withdrawn
From society its maddening the tips that you on
You're not strong, talking all the shit that you grew along
Side, but you accelerate cause your foot is on
The pedal of poverty by being dicks in your song
A Poe's Man Dreams, it seems that we're living for fiends
I doubt that Edgar Allen would've took the shield from the beast
The pen is stronger than the sword but I ran out of ink
So I'm dying, just light a fire, put it out in the sink
With the tears that momma's crying off her eyes as she blink
Fuck a heart attack, now my mother can't even think
Disability the trilogy of real death from above
But fuck it, guess I gotta go from push to a shove
Fucking failure on the minds of the people we intertwine
Divided by our colors with clashes that undermine
The authority and violate the peace of every right
With the people and our freedom in the night
Interject how I reflect, I'm writing on different days
No pay, but I hope the Lord working his miracle ways
For me to breathe because I'm choking on this pitiful haze
For what, an opportunity join in the craze Lord knows
Well no more, because I'm not working with limited space
Send a message to this bitch and morph her, polymerase
Fucked up so bad, my D N A can't seem to trace
So i'm dying as I'm trynna chase the biblical faith
I feel like a cloud in the sky as all I do is float around
Or like pack of gum y'all can chew me up and spit me out
Leave me on a bench where I get frozen down and fucking drown
Or tossed into the trash which I identify as my hometown
But yet I triumphed for my brothers and all of those who fell
And I'm still fighting off my mental state of which I must rebel
I guess the impact of this shit I live is astronomical
And its a supernova when the bullets flew out your barrel
I'm tired of being seen only when ima make some dollar signs
Politicians politicking violating all these crimes
Little Timmy died after living out in Columbine
And Brenda's tossing babies out while tears are falling off her eyes

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