Stolen Soul

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With a sampled break beat and a tired soul
Rap by grassroots broke the mainstream mold
With your sampled heartbeat and stolen flow
You're as fake as sun strokes in the cold
So many people nothing to say in fact
Post it on Twitter vine or snapchat
Believe what you hear repeat without checking
No original thought even your soul was bitten
Forgetting what came before youre sure you're right
You're spreading fake lines defines my plight
Alright I'm not saying 80s and 90s was better
But they actually had a reason to be bitter
No matter the reason, their's wasn't created
No matter the reason theirs wasn't debated
The hate was real no one could deny them that
But it was directed in the right way the right path
With a sampled heartbeat and stolen soul
You sold your soul to have your fortune told
Let me tell you just what your fortune is
But y'all ain't married that's why they call her miss
I hope the price was worth it no return policy
But your soul isn't worthless inner harmony
It's alarming how quickly things have changed
So disarming it's strictly brings nothing but hate
Look at me and the things I had
Check my whip game nae nae just watch me dab
Jealousy is the message envy the target
Heavenly wreckage empty hearted
While you think you're the hardest but you forgot
To mention your bail bond wasn't posted you're dropped
Cropped footage for the video return your loaner
Get the Benz back in time your budgets over
Context word play and a decent vocabulary
Phrases nerds say some recent flow have you wary
Sorry you have to worry about your words so surly
Just wordy clergy your earthly blurry journey
Elective surgery to replace your purgery
I admit it you're a menace like Dennis I'm growing Leary
But where is he when I'm weary why am I asking Siri
My eyes wide shut I'm starting to thinking clearly
Do you hear me I'm not stuttering I got you thinking
Wondering why you're record label is just sinking
If it wasn't for your contract you'd back right out
But you're stuck soul hijacked take control act right now
No time to be passive get what belongs to you
This ain't bond no sky but pitfalls prove to you
They really didn't want your soul kicked to the curb
Don't waste your second chance so quick to be cursed

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