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yall tried to snub me like damian lillard on the last hit
I guess rap pad was playing favorites
yall love these fast rappers
these trash rappers
with no substance
rapping a lil faster
rapping like these
slapping hoes with this vaseline
im the bomb with this gasoline
i go bang bang with this desert eag
an my chain hang like 2 chainz
i get ghost like hussein
an throw kicks like liu kang
they know ima savage
when I be rapping
killing the masses
yeah ima master
SHUT UP..the shit is trash to me
copy cat rappers trying to be like logic and eminem backwards menime
for you send yo shots you check my return policy
for you try to acknowledge me
i think it's dumb for rappers to run a mile me
you reach i teach and i aint got a degree
but every punch draw blood like i work in phlebotomy
i tried to be modest let me be brutally honest
nobody messing with me
hotter than 20 devils
If one day the speed kills me, don't cry. cause I was smiling..
so i keep the pedal to the metal rest in peace (paul walker)
i wanted to keep this one short and sweet
but somethings eating at me
maybe it's jealously
maybe it's knowing im the better MC like everyone was telling me
is it the judges
is it the interface
is it cuz im killing these haters they don't wanna give me play
is it cuz im new an they aint wanna break the politics
or policies but ima win this one so fuck your apologies
record labels is scouting me
you aint gotta believe check the numbers you see me.
workin with the big leagues
you just fuck with the pee wees
the world is yours and I got big dreams
Trying to pull a Kobe win like 5 rings
for my team
no hook for this
i wanna show you murder in the first degree
grab the game by the throat and squeeze it with the power of hercules
then leave and leave blood on the leafs so you know it was me
it's Reid..sociopath
thats the problem
don't want hoes but I got em
chilling in places that you can't afford
im bored
with people that I should ignore
i swore..

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