My Eyes Are Red

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Lucidity's Notes

Please give props if you enjoyed it!
This is done to the instrumental My Eyes Are Red, it's for the Cypher.
Will record asap.
First A grade, fuck yeah

Ayo I been burning, still learning and serving God.
This shit is odd like it came from the future.
A tutor couldn't teach me nothing.
Behind the shades bluffin like it was poker.
I broke her in half now all I can do is laugh.
I don't stress cause I'm better than the rest.
As a matter of fact, I'm better than the best.
This ain't no contest, this beat I infest.
Always stay motivated these rhymes are automated.
I demonstrated the skill I possess
I confess I got too many lines, they're just excess.
It's like D-Day on replay, what's the delay to portray a good day?
Must be the plug, I don't do drugs.
Mary Jane is my lady and maybe a bad bitch too.
A glitch in the system, yes it's true.
Eyes glowing red, blowing bread on collard greens.
So many bothered teens becoming machines.
Free your mind to see and find that humankind ain't nothing kind.
Assholes will knock you off your grind.
They don't see anything they blind.
Alright rewind, I'm here to be the leader.
She was trapped in her mind but now I freed her.
Hahaha you're welcome!

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