Hope (Prod. By Production Prophets)

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Look, I Know Everything You Wanna Be
I Was Hungry For The Money And It Startled Me
But Not Knowing The Answer Was A Key
I Said Fuck It And Threw It In The Sea
But Believe Me, When You See Me
I'll Be Seething, Soaked In Blood
You Can't Stomach This
Flooded With A Million Different Questions
But Only One Is It
So Get A Grip, Take A Whip
Go Find The Answers That You Started With
Hatred's Not In The Fists, But In The Mind That Trips
Triple Six Digits, Yep That's A Myth
So Please Forgive Me When I Say
That I'm Not Religious
It's All Fictitious, But It Gives Me Hope
The Richest People Are The Saddest
While The Poor Are Saddened
The Middle Class Is Subservient
That's What You Call A Slave
We're Just Wasting Away Our Days
Stuck In A Maze That Preys
On The Poor, Innocent With Faith
In Ways Too Gruesome
Just Have To Save The Day
And Slay Away, All The Evils
Of This Day And Age
To Make The Change
And For The Better Or Worse
This Universe Is Ours
But Only With The Power
Of Our Brothers In Arms

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