Fuck With Me

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Hyde's Notes

Cypher entry for Jannemm and I. Let us know what you think!

Oh, and fuck Hooly for entering and winning hands down.

Oh, tryna stay low key
Oh, tryna make money
Oh, tryna fuck with me
Oh, finna RIP (x2)
//Verse 1 - Ovadia
I got my mind right,
You know now,
I got my shine right,
You know now,
I got my stacks right,
You know now,
I got my tracks right,
I’m on my own now.
Kamikazee comin’ through,
Yeah, nothin’ gonna stop me now,
On my own like I run the crew,
Stand back and just watch me now.
Workin’ hard since you saw me last,
I been on the fast track, passin’,
Other rappers like they lost their path,
Talking tortoise and the hare,
I’m like both up in here,
Steady as fuck, but too fast to care,
I know you don’t seem to believe me,
But Imma need you to see me,
As a fiend with a demon,
I’m learnin’, I’m leadin’,
I’m swervin’, I’m speedin’,
I’m murderin’, theavin’,
I’m cursin’, I’m drinkin’,
You’re gettin’ worse and I’m leavin’,
Your hearse in the dirt without reason,
Now do you see how I’m beatin’
Your season, defeatin’ your legions,
I’m just a beast with these beatings,
You’re just asleep with this treason,
You’re just a beef bein’ eatin’,
You’re just a sheep in this region,
Bleatin’ and freezin’ ‘til I kill you, AH!
I got my shine right,
You know now,
I got my dime right,
You know now,
I got my stacks right,
You know now,
I got my tracks right,
I’m on my own now.
//Verse 2 - Jannemm
I've been having fits, from disrespect
Don't drop a rap for a minute so I'm instantly shit?
I get pushed in the background, well I'm fucking back now
All you little bitches throwing rocks up in your glass house
I've been a little MIA
Working hard as shit and getting hella paid
Sluts thinking they're the top baker, master baker
Bitch, please, I've been making dough just like I'm Buddy from the Cake place
I never take what I wasn't ever owed though
In myself I know the constant pressure shows
No more of the fake ass bullshit, fuck that
Bitches in the street with a monocle and top hat
Off hand comments, scoffs and nonsense
Causing problems for my projects
But the fake ass hoes can't comprehend
If you play this game, Jann's gonna win
This ain't learning the ropes this is called double dutch
I make pussies quiver quicker than Busta does
Sending bitches all senseless like Miss Helen Kellar
Yet still give my blessings - a rare fucking gesture
Got a grind that cannot be matched
Now I'm on top, see all the doms be mad
Man, I'd hold back but I made a promise to my old man
Told him, I'mma keep on grinding 'til my own death
I've came from nothing to something and all on my own
From living in rubble to owning my home
From nights fucking frozen not feeling my toes
To roasting the street from the heat that I blow
I'm on top of this game, top of this game
Try to climb up and just see what awaits
If a hoe make it up, I'll give props for that
Then send her right back where she started at

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