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Part of me is gone now, what is it im on, like im caught in a pocket of space, ripplin beyond//
Out far past the star maps, sitting in the calm, where my thoughts evade the space, I break and fall//
I been hibernating, chasing the dragon, hop in a frame, and create anything imagined//
The pen'll get em and all, im more than just a mirage, a holographic catharsis, in music and what I chalk up//
Livin up in the mind, with inner beast and he hostile, stripping away emotions and draggin me into silence//
Everywhere void of light, I blacken and fill the Iris, even if I would die, I live as eternal righteousness//
The mind abyss, you get it, I would die for this, and live within, no matter it is all the same to me//
Gone in the sediment, off, in inner planet I'm on, within my thoughts, how they never evading me//
Never relate to the, page, im in a crazy, place, I been encasing pain up at amazing rates//
And when the mazes break, im gonna aim back, at the mainframe, snatch that what the veins lack//
Attach immortal, past the veil surround, I fly southwards in towards the apex now//
I ain't sane but how, I speak ancient vowels, and misplace this thin plane in bass and sound//
This same place I crowd, it has ways around, your true soul and spirit, your self denounced//
At first hell rebounds, you feel them bells resound, until you're past your nightmares, a thousand clouds//
A dark bank and you're caught in anguish, all until, all of your pain it fades, waves of//
Your God thought, pure, into storming conscious, open all doors, to optics, the locksmith//

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