Just Another Day (Prod. BIGBADWOLF)

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Spit the lyrics make you feel some type of way/
Rip the cynics tryna turn the world all grey/
I got rich homies but I aint rollin' in their lane/
No section 8 but I've been workin' earnin' every k/
Always juggled education or another way/
Never had a role in life I really loved to play/
Then hip hop came in to my life and set my heart ablaze/
Finally found something I liked and practiced every day/
Gonna keep on writing rhymes even without a wage/
Still drop all the clever lines and empty the whole gauge/
Shoot my verbal .45 never in a cage/
Keep my head up all the time aiming for the stage/
Feels So Good when it's all right but it's quite a maze(Mase)/
You can lose your sense of time in these stresssful days/
Try your best to just break out and find yourself a place/
Where you can shine under blue skies forgetting bout the haze/
Just another day, thinking 'bout my ways/
If you never make an effort nothing's ever gonna change/
Just another song, tryna make a name/
Won't go down without a battle never put myself to shame/
Rapping for a greater cause/
Rapping for some great applause/
Rapping so damn god I really think that I might be the boss/
Got some shares and likes and now he talks 'bout getting people jobs/
60 followers and now he's talking Gucci tablecloths/
I aint that divorced from real world or the Lara Crofts/
No Thornton or a druggie I have yet to go aloft/
I just felt like being bold and stunting for a second acting tough/
Truth be told I'm rather humble and don't really talk a lot/
I let the music be the pummel bringing what I got/
Don't focus on The Details nor the shitty plot/
The most inglorious of basterds call me Eli Roth/
Rather watch something that prevails, giving food for thought/
Knowledge is my steelo just in case that you forgot/
F and U like Ceelo if you don't respect my art/
Talent and hard work, luck don't really play a part/
Ambiguous and hesitant ever since the start/
Curtains close and the show's all over/
At times I really feel I'm going nowhere/
Not the mindset for a future throne heir/
People talking, do you really wanna go there?/
Same heart same soul/
Same path same goal/
All that yet cold/
Still got motivation and that's all I ever really owned/

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