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Verse I
have you ever been chillin with ya bros, while ya heart feel froze,
and you got nothing left to lose
have ya ever been livin in the hole in ya own soul
feeling like it's shaded nothin less than blue
its like swimming in the ocean, far from the coast, and,
HYPOTHERMIA! settin in, what a notion
im wadin in the water just to keep my blood in motion
pourin champange on my brain, now im toastin
its been real, farewell to ya all
im so fucked up, its like im speaking with a cracked jaw
feelin like a whack job,
im tearin up my liver like this bottle was a hacksaw
Krakken be my mascot
got a mini shotty, point it to my head
thinkin bout the pros and cons, should i die or should i live
and i guess ill admit,
that ionreally give a shit
trapped in my mind, i be locked in the vault
so many ways to be lost in the fog
Pen in my hand, and i stab at these thoughts
lost and distraught while i wander on the permafrost
and theres nothin in front of me
this tundra is all i see
this thunder is all i see
and its raining down hennesey
an alcoholic wet dream
cuz nothin is as it seems
an alcoholic wet dream
escaping reality
jack in my cup
feeling down on my luck
so i throw the bottom up
Verse II
Hammer in my hand, pullin nails out a casket
Exestential moment when i open up the caket
Flabergastered when i see the body that inhabits
Sadness on my face, being wiped up by some maggots
Woah, i guess i up and did it then
Depression in my chest tore like a whirlwind
voices in my head, yeah i bet they encouraged it
but i guess ill never know
buried 6 feet below
the shock of staring at my grave in the graveyard
is washed from my face with the feel of a raindrop
coming from the gray skies, coming from a place i
knew id never be, knew id never see
the gates of heaven
so i could talk to st peter
but im stuck in this dimension dancing with the reaper
tryna find a way to cheat her
maybe outrun her like i was a speedster
but nah i aint fast as flash
cannot break the time stream, cant outun the past
tell me, how does one outrun death,
cold breath on my neck, chills on my flesh
it feels,
so dark so real, so dark so real

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