You Can Rise (Cypher)

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Think for a moment
you're laying on your deathbed, about to leave this world.
Disappointed in yourself, in your legacy, do you want that feeling?
Or would you do anything to take this very moment back,
no matter how terrible the pain, and make it worth your time here?
Hook x2
So, are you a quitter or a fighter?
Are you ready to lead, or you need a guider
The world may be dark, but can you be a lighter?
You gotten so far, but can you get higher
When its clean my rhymes are still packing a curse in a magical burst when I snap on a verse
It's a tragical murder of a beat hastily worked because right now to rap is to irk
packaging words but I happened to slur so I slow it down, to start grabbing ya thirst
And attention when I mention the tension needed for me to tone it down, my rap is a blur
Yeah scratch the tape while I slap the face of enemies across our lunch table and smash the plate
Don't sit back and agitate or back up straight and simply procrastinate
Only get one shot to fascinate other people if you miss it or fail to rip it it could be lethal
And peaceful solution isn't what I'm looking for, neither is a conclusion that's legal
Hook x2
So say screw the motto of tomorrow, that's hollow because you can only live once
Only get one day to make it and go places, better persist at your targets or you'll hit none
In my time here I'll spit tons of rhymes and lines to blur listeners minds with their crisp puns
You'll lose me for a second time, I spit it once, and leave myself out for the critics guns
Zone in a minute, got a mission in place, focus on your goal like a cheetah ripping its prey
Life can be harsh with a sickening fate, so brace for the hell by just simply spitting it straight
I don't mean lyrics to raise your spirit, I meant the anger and venom in place
Yeah that's right, use it and fuse it at your motivation so your exhibition is great
From UCLA to Michigan State, tons of people grinding just for a ribbon of praise
Gripping on tight onto the right path, not looking back into a terrible prism of traits
Before you kick the bucket and say fuck it and be destructed don't let em imprison your fray
Because it would be hell to reconstruct it your rage is erupting and busting
out by skipping the pace
Run by your instincts when your in sync with the rhythm while you're kicking back and spitting
On a mission for distribution winning submissions with this wild life that I'm living
I say I'm the illest to ever kill it, that's a warning so pull a Trump get a wall and built it
Because I'm coming in like a tsunami, don't think you got me,
I'm a terror with rhymes when I spill it
Hook x2

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