How I Like It

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I'm more than just a pretty boy
see me roll through my city boy
speakers got that Jiggy boy
bass bumping out the trunk of a rented Royce
web shit now, makin' hella inter-noise
I been a king, now i'm just bringin' out my inner Roy
maybe ill just show you a trick or two
Cause I bet its been a minute since ya been employed
only time for gold, like my wrist be dude
working hard, raisin' bars, like I'm fit to do
till I gotta couple cars, charger in a '62
girls in the wip, call me Mr. Lube
I'm not quick, I'm just efficient dude
policy 15 minutes at the most
don't fall asleep, raise your glass for a toast
if you live like me
and you like to live life a little faster than the rest of you folks
it's how i like it
how I like it
how I like it, yeah
it's how I like it
seeing double, it's how I like it
if someones causing trouble, I'm fightin'
If I ain't brawling, then I'm writing
shot callin', like I'm physic
and this shot gon' be tequila
I could smash the shit by the litre
right out the bar, like jeter
that's why I always wear sneakers
cuz you never know when you gotta run
or when you run your mouth if he got a gun
or if you kill the dude, if he got a son
I only joke, that bar was just lots of fun
but I'd be lying if I said I ain't had the thought a bunch
I shoulda beat the snot out of a lotta cunts
plottin' on droppin' and poppin' off on some rotten scum
back to the bog, by the a flock poppa glock at the lot of em
is that what you like? Yeah, I'm positive
but I like peace and love like a rasta does
but love beat downs and bossin' up
it's knock heads or shake tails when im tossin up
if I end up in jail, know imma shock the judge
flip off the fuzz and tell them all corrupt
then I'mma tell em all whats up
i'mma tell em all what's up
all what's up, cuz
Pussy, money, weed, it's all you need
pussy, money, weed, its all you need
look mommy see
im just a nympho druggy with a love for greed
out the window screaming fuck police
smiling with my busted teeth

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