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I am not for the faint of heart
I'll come in wreck yo style break you down part by part
you stuck on pause will let me press Start
it's in my game Electronic Arts
I'm hard to see like m************ Waldo
ride like the tires on a jeep also
I just love the rap guess Ill take the fame also
hit me up to sell out but I won't take their calls though
bigger and better than figured
I see my future and everything pictured
I see the light yes I am The Fixture
steal the show step Bros Catalina mixer
punchlines like an 80's prom
this is my space what you doing tomm
blessed no lie touch by God
apple of his eye Steve Jobs
so smooth real chill set the ambiance
face J's like a floor during Ramadan
a whole nother level thats the shitt that I be on
Ignoring all the drama rolling up the ladi da
the scale from 0-100 for real
must be a thousand i feel
that im so much more than the realest of the real
so I treat him like a big joke key and Peele
Comedy Central the game as I see it
stand up comedian sit down and leave it
I don't like the jokes that you're reading
receiving from others proceeding
to cover the fact that you suffer
from the lack of a soul
sold out like a half price row
careers beat like I have cashed bowl
you all burnt out man you need to let it go
for you they scream no for me they sing yes
run with scissors sip Windex
might as well end it cuz I'm up next
or stick around to watch me blow semtext
soon they'll be calling and calling
fans will be flooded like 05 New Orleans
I will see the day that I ball like a hornet
while keeping my soul no one can afford it
real an its true nothing new you can do
I walk when I talk and it will show and prove
no use for your thoughts I got nothing to lose
so when its negativity I don't give a f*** dude
talk down about my name you still saying it
hate while you listen you still playing it
that smile to my face I know you faking it
but it's all good that's a part of making it
and that's what I came to do since back in 08
yeah it's fact I was trash that's true ok
but I never gave up rose past came through now I'm great
feeling like whatever I choose can't lose that's my fate
I'm on my way No Ls just W's win every day
win every day win every day
an that starts with this here hit my pal to pay

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