Syllables & Sippin' Lean

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[Verse 1]
Every syllable,
Constructed to make yall invisible like violet in the incredibles,
Yeah it's difficult,
To discover another MC I could say that's formidable,
I ain't a got a problem with that,
As matter of fact,
You could sit back, me, I never relax,
Man I never will lapse,
I got a goal I need to accomplish,
I guess I gotta pick up the slack,
I don't start from the bottom,
I Start from the ideal spot that was chosen by my Father,
So I don't play that facade, I don't mess with the frauds,
Tell me again why you can't keep a job,
Brothers always making excuses around here,
That's a tragedy, no shakespeare,
You can't get help from a nigga, no obamacare,
I admit, I got a few screws loose,
Yall bitches like blues clues, who you?
Who me? Well I'm that nigga from the new school,
Y'all gon hear about me,
Y'all gon talk about me,
But when a nigga come around all I hear is silence (2x)
And that's how it should be,
Yall niggas dropping out like you can't reach my degree,
Call me Hot Fire Myers,
Cause I'm killing the game, everybody should've retire prior,
to this!
I got my hittas with me when I flee the scene.. (yuh!)
Let me tell you what I really mean
All these rappers claiming false shit like they name is billie jean (Bro?)
"I'm the best to ever touch the mic"
"My notepad burn when I write"
You damn right scaring that verse to hell,
Stick to mixing Codeine with sprite
I make a looney tune, no bugs bunny
I bet my ya' life this ain't funny
You in a pool of sharks bwoyyy, ain't no place for a damn guppy
You brodies tripping, I ain't never slipping
Got you main girl in my kitchen,
Cooking chicken,
Girl, I said more bbq sauce, she never listen
When you realize your days are numbered
You gotta eat up like it's ya' last supper
So I had to freakin' grab the mic
Ending lives like i'm that hitta from hell with the scythe
I never flinch, I'm always ready,
Level headed, my mind steady
Metal on me like I'm Ugly Betty
I'm your worst nightmare, like Freddy
I'm a scary movie without the proper setting
That crown boy Imma go get it'
You could be my sidekick, scottie pippen

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