Boo Bitch

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Boooooo Bitch
B-b-b-ba boo bitch
If i was a ghost I'd roll up in yo house like, boo BITCH
When I see you girl I grab my dick and let the goo spit
never lie when I'm taking a poop, now thats some true shit
Smokin so much heisenberg it left my face with blue lips
When I'm puffin on a blunt of chronic, know I grew it
Grabbin on your girlfriends boobs while we watching clueless
Truth is, I ate my baby-ruth and now I'm ruthless
All up in a bunch of peoples pockets like a group text
Who's next, most the mainstream rappers out are so lame
They call me n.aimless homie but that don't mean I got no name
Oh dang, a real artist aint concerned with yo fame
You the scare crow homie if you only had a whole brain
You the tin man homie if you only had a real heart
You steal bar's then build your empire with it, that's a re:bar
My band about the music, dan is plucking on the gee-tar
Your band about amusement to a bunch fucking e-tards
Talking bout that beats hard, that beat is fuckin whack though
And why you rapping about cooking crack in the trap bro
Why you want your people and your fans to live like that yo?
I'll treat you like a girl who fucks for heron when I smack hoes
Gimme daps yo, hive five low five, nah you too sloth
You crusty and disgusting like my mother fuckin tube socks
Some people knockin boots i'll knock those motherfuckin boots off
I'll treat this beat just like a pussy, yo i get it loose dawg
I'm too raw, for the cypher, got haters going skip, next
Got N dot set to dip, but i aint motherfuckin dip set
I been fresh, ever since the first time got my dick wet
So know that i aint bluffing when i'm putting in a big bet
But truth is, I'm betting that i probably won't be top six
cuz these kids bumping drake but they aint even know who pac is
They wana censor what I say, they tryn hard to lock lips
But I do not kiss,
Pompous pushovers who promote pacifism in all this
Then push cornball fake gangster MC's, who pop clips
That's some pop shit, y'all are not sick,
Y'all rounds are not hard, thats a soft dick, you lost it
tryd to boss it, Stole a namesake, rick ross'd it,
plagiarized then flossed it, obnoxious that stuffs garbage
But I can do you one better just to pull stunts
I let the cans pop, homie thats a soda
Falter with the force I will not, thats a yoda
Give you the double whopper with cheese, flame roast ya
Bang on ya, game over, i'm tony, montana
But sober,
my mansion is a motor home, my chin bone is a motorola flip phone
I'm here to warp minds and spit poems
Then i'm going down the line like rib bones
Of course I wana live in big homes, and get loot
But only the IRS and pirates loot, so i guess i'll get bread
But I'm not a baker, some cheddar, well i'm not a cheese maker
I'll get some paper, write fuck you on it and mail it to my neighbor
I'm a sucker for slave labor, So i can spend eight hours a day
Wasting away, the pay isn't great but I stay
For the inappropriate jokes and socio political debates
I love every day, with just a little bit of hate
To balance it out, and it's really not a challenging route
It's has it up's and downs, but fuck I'm proud
OF my son, so I went and bought a gun, with my tax return
So I can protect my family from you fake wannabe
MY pen is illin, got you feeling ill, go eat some penicillin
Make twenty grand a year, but I'm worth twenty million, easy
And all the snakes out there thats a freebee
And tell snoop dawg come and smoke a bleezy
Right Now
this that all organic grass fed free range beef
I'm cooking something up deep that you need to see
Bump donald chump, he aint a trump, hes a front
The hype man, getting all the racists all riled up, and
What rhymes with hillary clinton, kill every politician
Run up into congress, fill it with victims, ill as it get son
fuck the system, you thought that we wouldnt get some
we're the descendants of pilgrims,
Founded on the freedom to pillage and kill innocent men and woman
Let god be our witness, in god we trust
But trust this homie if there is god you're fucked,
if he's a swift god
He'll stick don trump and hill dog in the fiery depths
The rest of the empire is next
You Next
Fill the feta camps with politicians and media figures
And the figure behind the media figures
You think its corny call me conspiracy theorist, you fear this
It threatens the things you hold dearest
But once you hear it, start to feel it, and reveal it
It is clear as, day, crystal clear, drone missile clear
I think i need to get a beer, before its too late
Sitting with ford, getting bored on judgement day
but fuck it mate
*Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad Saying Bitch*

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