Sippin' Lean (Scott's Cypher Entry)

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I'm crazy, you know me, Joe the fucking freshest,
drinking liquor like a death wish,
hogging strippers like he's selfish
cause I cherish, my bitches
like when they give me kisses
and I'm flaunting all my riches
they done want to be my misses
spitting getting viscous, hitting up a business
ripping up in quickness, never leave a witness
kill em all with fitness, put you on my hit list,
like you tried to quit this life?
that shit won't slid, you'll fucking die
one day sitting high on your porch
I'll carry the torch and that shit will get scorched
split you've been warned
my crew will straight up swarm the premises
and storm the entrances if you really need more emphasis
bitch read between the sentences
like I've come to redeem my glory
this life I've dreamed just seems like a story
but now I've schemed to the top now horny for a comeback
I adapt to whack situations
this rap game you play is hacked a simulation
no way to inspire innovation
when everyone say they spit fire
but just a whack imitation
In frustration try to continue a fame
that has no right to be associated to their name
Right back at it again with them damn Daniels
fashion now adays is wack
like I walk around with damn sandals
and drive a gran dam that handles as well
as a guy with no ankles on a horse without a saddle
but that even half the battle
don't got enough gas to travel
and the frame is fragile,
man I blame these gravel roads
that push me around like battle toads
and all these chapel folks
treat me like I'm a fucking joke
I'll show you a fucking joke when I'm in your place pumping shrapnel
in a farmer flannel bumping the national anthem
with my patriot friends
we'll rip you up in a Hannibal fashion
I call that a practical slashing
I'm a cannibal rapping
causing maximal thrashing
Scott's a fucking Nemesis
will blackmail with evidence
to make a female friends with benefits
stealing from her relatives
killed the fucking family
now I'm thieving from their skeletons
could of had their ugly presence
but I'd rather have the Benjamin's
I'm sippin' lean everyday broadcasting the precedence
lets exterminate the Trump pestilence
Scott for president

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