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Spit it so fluent
Teenage not mutant
Pass me the mic what the hell are y'all doing
I be the teacher, and you be the student
Listen up rappers cause really you're loosing
Yeah I'm the best in my town
Not going down only thing is the crown
All you are doing is messing around
Music no meaning is just a sound
Here I go and I'm back with the word play
Better than half these rappers on my worst day
I'm as good as a Friday so you're Thursday
And I never rest cause every day's a work day
Like I'm more ill than Ebola
Watch me wreck these guys and I put em in a coma
If Matty Bs on top then I guess that I am ova
I'm better than them boys
equivalent to the hulk on steroids
I am a monster I'm a survivor
I spit 16s and you spit siliva
Ruben is in town so you better hurray
I'm surviving up my game so call me Andy Murray
So you want to mess with me, well bro you aren't worthy
But when I wreck this beat, you won't be next don't worry
Like Ruben you suck
Jacobs bars are really tough
Please stop rapping we've had enough
You sound like Mickey Mouse like uh
Yours flows are weak
You have no pace, you don't change speed
Like when you do you sound like pee
And you think you can match me
Like yeah I think I can
I got the rap game in my hand
Best in the street, best in the town, best in the land
Dropping these bodies when I spit on the track
It's deeper than that
Think that I'm wack
Cause I don't sound black
Mic and a Mac
Pen and a pad
Headphone and beat
This is only a fraction of what I can be

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