Me So Savage

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top of the morning to you bitch's
Check it!
My homie 2pac got it hard
now he chilling in cuba, smoking cigars
You wanna fuck with me? ill give him a call
next thing you know? your dead in a car
listen to me, when i spit these bars
This industry is about to have a new king in charge
it'll never stop me from feeling apart
its about time to tighten, the lid on the jar
no wait you wanna feel my pain?
yall already know im psychotically deranged
im sitting here looking at the pay *like damn*
This aint much of a gain
but i always gotta try *right*
no room for faliure im here to provide
The undergrounds coming to rise
You cant stop it bitch, go ahead and try
look. im sorry, im gonna be honest with ya, Imma target
When people hit back i tell them that
I think that their mentally retarded
so i slow it down then speed it up
you can bet your ass i beat the pussy up
but enough of that im here to rap
but yo if your down slut
I got snapchat, its right here
add calobmason its got no caps no spaces am i clear?
just go for it no fear
wait i forgot the O between the l and b
You just gotta know
*Your name is spelled weird*
Yeah i know at least i crack with a good flow
So i bring it back, i smash the tracks
but yall know that if i was wack
id be like a rap attack, act like a fucking clawing cat
at the trap crap what the fuck
i just wanna act like i put the pussy on the chainwax
man its been awhile since you heard that
now i got you motherfuckers all up on my dick and my nutsack
about to rob a bank, i grab a shank
stab it through your fucking legs
ejaculate all over her face
when i make it past the third base to home plate. Fuck
Just gimme the money, im a greedy little bastard
i gotta get something, you see i am the master
i started the hunting, run a little faster
you know that im coming
i erupted from hopsin and eminem
stone cold when im spitting these raw synonyms
im plotting their death, im gonna leave em pinned in
this isnt a test man, im the cringing grinch
im going to town, making the crowd go so wild
grow so foul im just a child
i make this sound like an autotune clown
yeah i know and yall know that i didnt sell my soul
im still cold *ha* chilled to the bone
yall motherfuckers look at me like i dont have a plan yo
see thats when your wrong
i got a plan to rule the world
lets start with this song
your just a pawn slave to the world
bitch i advise you to move on

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