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My bitch look like Demi lovato,
She feel my bravado,
She really gon swallow
Dem shots takin too long nigga gimme the bottle
My whip full throttle
My clip fulla hollows
Got a bitch for today and a bitch for tomorrow
Bucket naked on IG think she a model,
Came from the bottom, now I'm big as a Skyscraper
Fill the styrofoam with codeine and now laters,
Yellow diamonds yellow bitch she look like sonai Latham
And she suck my dick cuz she want summa my paper
Dat bitch must smokin if she think I would date her
Tried to fuck her friends turns out they related
You been rappin ten years nigga when u gon make it?
Caught a foul with that tech gahdamn I'm so flagrant
Bought an all black vert shit I'm prolly gon paint it
Kush got me sedated, my bitch say that she hate it,
She always run her I don't think I can take it
I remember her she used to fuck with diez, yup
But he swerved that ho now she all in deez nuts
Took her round town only spent like 3 bucks
On a backwood and Arizona tea, yup
Head was so amazing had me hollin Jesus
Say she never do it, n expect me to believe her
But it's cool baby I ain't worried bout ya body count
Long as when ya wit me hit me with that sticky potty mouth
I'm the man without a doubt
Catch me at ya mama house
Fuckin on that bitch for bout an hour then I'm prolly out to Lenox
I make them bands n spend it
Popeyes strong spinach
I got it just to get it
Don't rock no true religions
My flow is stupid vicious
My hoe built like delicious
Runnin out dope, Ima have spliff it
And motherfuck my old plug
dusty nigga never pick his phone up
He know I need dat dozier
I smoke like locomotives
money is my motive
Don't act like ya know us
My niggas keep dem cobras
And hit ya from the toes up
Dun already told ya it's over for yo bruhs, my click be the coldest we that nice
My team eating good like a fat dyke,
Got these niggas hooked like a crack pipe
When ya in my presence better act right
Know I got dem gats right
Know I keep that sack tight
Know I made aboutta hunnit bands off last fight
She like the way I ditty bop
She gimme top
I milky rock
I'm known to serve on any block
I'm ducking when them semis pop
What the fuck u want I'm smokin out the restaurant,
Fuck them upstate 12 they locked up my nigga esteban,
My ho look upper echelon
I met her up in echelon
She fuck and suck dick and do and whatever the fuck I tell her, uh

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