Marz14n's Cypher Rap

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TheMartian's Notes

Beat: "*New* 2013 Tia London type beat Coated Raindrops"

New round's open, what a chance, oh goodie
Suit up, cuties, it's a brand new smoothie
With an NBC warfare ring to it
Similar to how White and Pinkman do it
I cruise at lazy altitudes,
you useless dudes are tripping over Blue Sky
Moving rocks might soothe to you, you simple tools,
but this poet pursues a new high.
Aight? Good.
So Let's Get It On,
I'm like a Marvin Gaye song, string your girl along
So I can cockblock dicks with a microphone
Snatch pussy from a pussy and then I'm gone
Racing like a champ, Schumacher
Other boys crashing like Senna or Walker
Limping like Walkers, I'm sprinting like Grimes
Skullsplitting rappers with hundreds of rhymes
They're forever tryna test, but these cats don't impress,
Simon Cowell for their raps, when I scowl and suggest
that they're spouting no sense, they get pouty, upset
Frowning when I shout "NEXT"
So who are you supposed to be?
I'm the big bad wolf, I'll blow and see
MC's exposed, they're bull to me
You herdminded fuckers are wool to me
Ain't no damn way you're hurting me
And no escape, I assure to thee
After this, none to prefer to me
But you little bitches can come chauffeur for me

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