Whack-a-Droid prod by AnnoDomini

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//verse 1
I'ma start at a gallop not at a play
stating the nature of the true game
the worth of my walk is when I try to stop
the pain of the people enraged as they drop
enraged as they drop
enraged as they drop
the pain of the people enraged as they drop
I've never been the type of guy to shy away when the heat gets high
'cuz I get by on the rise of adrenalin that screams by my eyes
and I focus my time on the fire inside when it's time to line up and drive
through the trials that pile and defy when the storms and hit the skies
the greatest tests in life often catch you by surprise
find yourself up against something huge in size
and some say life's greatest cargo comes across quiet seas
I cross this out with ease like a disease that hits first try so it would seem
picking the pits, stocking the pocks, and marking the spot while the kill is still hot
and scream with the heat as I steep in my sleep with the dreams that I will still spill this ill rot
shaking my head against them and the violence that pry apart signs that reside in the silence
the highness rises like eyeless irises, viruses down a spine despite spinelessness
//wack ass hook bridge
This heart blood plays
vengeance is mine I don't care what the Lord says
This heart blood play
Into my hands are my enemies delivered this day x2
//verse 2
so I pull you from your sleeping state and take payment for your worst mistakes
recall the way you made me stay and engaged my assistance with your endless hate
now it's all mine to take, this vengeance you had slated becomes my thirst to slake
it hurts when I wake, when I rattle and shake, as the frozen beads break and I rise first to take
the matter in hand like a man, with a plan dancing around in his mind on demand
fanning the flames that I crave until I have again achieved a grave command
breathing the fire of raving rage that brings the needed strength to my stand
as I quench that burning brand in your breath-burdened chest and let the fiery heat expand
I stare at your soul as the light fizzles out with a song in my mouth that hangs without doubt
I realize the pressure is dark like a stout and lost like a voice buried within a shout.
and thus I have orchestrated the end

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