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so the names OG Burn and im just here to take my turn
its my first time on the mic so just sit back and learn
il be flipping all the scrips i be taking all the dips
so you better buckle up if you getting in the whip
so dont come around me if it aint about the money
ima white boy raping so people think its kinda funny
you can find me in the kitchen filling up my tummy
fed up with your bitching but the pussy realy yummy
now im representing the crew mountain boys what it do
barking at the pussy like my mane scooby do
walking in the club like ruby ruby rou
you might have got it first first but she gave it to me to
i be swimming in the pussy you could call the shit a stew
got a big chunk of meat and some veggys too
threw a granade in the mix and away we flew
bunch of chicken heads you could call this place a zoo
cause the bitches give me head when we ridding in the coup
then my boys call me up try to give me the scoop
i said give me a min man il call you back when im threw
then i stuck it in her ass and a kiss she blew
it was tight just how i like it like the shit brand new
i had to take another look like is that you?
i heard your man been trying to hurt you is that true?
i got my kin to ride wit me whats his name andrew?
we can take care of that then throw him a deuce
he was trying to talk shit so i said that we threw
got the mac on my hip so he wanna call a truce
their aint no use its over fool
your bodys on the ground and your covered in drool
blood puddled up you could call it dead pool
now im back cuddled up with girl that used to be your boo
if you dont treat your ladys right il do the same to you

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