Better than Average

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Which witness want it
I'm willing and wit it
one of dem was wack
When they sitting saying several sins
severed ties with sacred pacts I'm screaming I ain't do it
They gleaming in hopes of killing me off
But I'll never drop the ball they'll never teach me to be soft
The whip hard never soft top
My bitch hard let it all drop
Imma get large cuz I never call off and I aim wide like a sawed off
All y'all calling for a better competitor im ahead of ya
let em run dead end up in medical ward
dro gone show all these ghosts war
No hope for those that dont know
yo homes flows hotter
Why bother stepping up
They stressing I'm guessing
a lesson is left to be learned
The next of ya that step into
mess with the best
is headed for the worst
scared of what you heard
have you ready for the hearse
Getting better every day
my enemies they hate to face
My energy it's blessed and
growing greater gaining
weight with every phrase
I say i stay slaving
to save a safe haven
for insane brains and great saviors
that face dazed haters every day
all these traitors say I'm fake and im fading for fun
i thank fate for finishing fools for me im done
I'm a master what's hapnin rap actors
I be blasting jackals back after that
I'm taking the crown tracking em down one by one town by town
You cannot run find em now Im bouta buy em out
Whatchu bout im sounding sick still
Never see the doctor get quick pills
from the monsters on the block ya never stop a slick trill
Homie swifter then a million other spitters getting big deals
Big wheels turning I'm learning that earning
Street cred is hurting
my earnings I'm yearning
To burn em with words said
Murking anybody talking bout a measly flow
Make a murderous lurker look at at me like they wanna know
Can they hold the crown for a note
with a hunnid on it running on a pussy like animal control
When I'm coming at em
Tons go to ducking on me
Ones that are brave enough
Stay to bluff talking they done won the game
I make em hate me when I go insane
baking cooking up mixing in heat
keeping these capping ass rappers praising
got em bowing at my feet they can't believe
what they've seen what they've heard
what I mean is they all turned in my direction
so i blessed em with the cleanest of the curbs
when they stepping and get bested
by they best that ever blurred the lines
skeeze the beast he climbs
higher peaks than lyin other guys
that try to seem better than average
I'm beating bitches with bastards
being a bigger boss then trump with his assets
I'll bump from my casket
I want what I'm asking
and I won't be taking that shit

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