Pussy Got A Passcode - MaexBae

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Gotta give credit where it's due
You ain't saying shit, time to tell me something new
You Gotta be prepared to do
When a savage comes after you
Make your egos miniscule
Beat your ass black and blue
Like an atom molecule
My raps are your crack, i detect it in your follicles
I'm flipping through the game past you lames like articles
Invade your insides toxic particles
Sink you barnacles, headshot undead volatiles,
x files unsolvable, chances of you fucking not probable,
i will not slobber you, sorry boo,
Me and mine are just fine
No room for wine dine, misconstrued signs, everyday rise and grind,
no more wasting time, got the henny coke and lime, fasten up Ramadan,
Get over here so I can rip out your spine
Who ASS you think you slappin Lil nigga not mine
This pussy got a passcode 5x
Consider this a prelude
I got your nightcap, no queludes
Not the one to snap nudes
For you dudes
But the type to snap necks
Right out ya Cosby sweat
Shirts, they say the truth hurts
put you in a comatose, verbal overdose, I'm the only antidote
Your mouth writing checks with no bank notes
looking like an asshole, now you gotta pass go,
hair standin on end lil rascal, this pussy got a pass code
warriors anthem
Choppas in the air let em off in tandem
Bullets rainin, brain spasms, dated tv plasmas
touch the youth like gay pastors
Lay you out cold Green pastures, hay-maker Cassius,
Clay, I'll mold you, fold you, Deck of cards Texas hold em,
brain dope fordham, dissect ya balls, off with ya scrotum

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