Trash the Swag Cypher

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I’m a Mastermind behind the lines and these bars feel like a prison, really stuck in the rhythm with a new outlook on living,
cause this action needs to be exercised and maximized to its highest power, invested way to much now to back down and cower
can not let it fade away, unless you’re comparing me to MJ, similar to spiderman can’t get enough of that mary jane
leveling me like parallels, universes like gargamel would be papa smurf, and papa smurf is the one thats the raising hell
so go ahead and catch me if you can, and if you catch me better stuff my ass in the depths of azkaban
and use wand and don’t confuse it for a magic stick, turn this two cents into 50 to hustle and flow like i was ludicrous,
got you stuporous like how the hell he do this ish, a mystery in motion like the van they put scooby in
we honestly some groovy men, ain’t easy to comprehend, took the rules and broke them when we only wanted them to bend
i’m breaking barriers, your anger makes me merrier, took a walk on the dark side to see if it gets scarier
learned about some lightning steady coming out my finger tips, transferred to my lips and electrified all ears hearing this
i’m going off, i’m really going off, flow hotter than vesuvius, i’m blowing off the top
got your minds lost in an instant, the one and only mission, is to inspire a generation so could you please take a listen
This isn’t easy believe me, cause if it was I wouldn’t be me, rather i’d be on the beach enjoying the breeze
so just see me for what I am, a writer and not a rapper, an artist above all matter, conveying sadness mixing in the laughter,
there is disaster needed to master a craft like splitting matter the first time you go in blind attention to every line
and attention to undermine any difficult state of mind, cause to find time to unwind is hard in any design,
so you work until your eyes glaze, connecting dots in the rhyme maze,
so you can amaze the masses, patiently waiting to be established,
imagining spitting your first shit, to crowd thats out their feeling it,
moving in tune to the music, and for a second they lose it,
no confusion from any bullshit, wilding out and being foolish,
ain’t stopping for no illusion, passion is my conclusion,
lightyears ahead like i was buzz stuck inside his delusion,
we all just pawns, but we still have power so use it, i’m gone

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