In the Mind

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Xendrik from the Yak Town, rolling through Sac now
Put on my clown makeup and I bring the smackdown!
I'm slaying all these rappers like I gotta vendetta
If I Vocalize my thoughts then their brains will go splatta
My bars go ratatatat like gats in Baghdad
Your lines are empty like your mind's been ransacked
Yeah I've got a few screws loose, and it's ended a few dudes
Don't be a fool man, one or two were just like you
Shadows always creeping in back of my mind
I tried to escape that shit and find the divine
But there was nothing to find, thirty motherfuckers wrote that book of lies
Fine, I'll just bring the lyrical wartime like a psychotic Einstein
I don't play man, my words are the flames and the songs the frying pan
I'mma reduce you to a pile of ash, your lyrics gave me a spray tan!
What do I gotta do to prove to you that I'm that illist fool?
I don't understand all of the hullabaloo about you and your little minuscule lyrical revenue
I run with the Wolves man what about you?
A fucking shameless sheep shivering and scared shitless
You got your ass on my shit-list, next I'mma add you to the hit list.
Talk shit about my lisp
Talk shit about my slit wrists
Talk shit about my mental disease
Or how I memorize raps like they're ABC's
Hell, talk shit about my mother who ditched me
Vanished in the night when I was only thirteen
I'm so tired of hiding what's in the mind
Here's some fuel for the fire to keep the hate alive

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