Faded out (round my way)

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We ain't the 6
We the 604
Got that pretty boy lifestyle
Till u shut the door
Then we hood rats
Huffin up humdingers
Packin purp black widow
They call us the young sinners
We be coppin chicks the way that automatic clicks
ain't nothin but a ting for us young boys
Catch us in a couple years rolling round in a rolls Royce
My flow be so uber
I'm reppin vancouver
My city the greatest
You fuckers just hate us
Play the game like poker
Shuffle out the jokers
Stu be steady lit because we all a bunch of smokers
All my my white girls they be Wearin black chokers
I be comin up tokin fill me another cup hopin that end o night I be faded out
Faded out
Faded out
faded out
End of the night I hope I be faded out
Take one call to get it
I buy it I sell it
I remix for low
I'm just covered in ice
so I don't make it rain
bitch I'm making it snow
Bellies on bellies
I'm smoking a pack a day when will I blow
Blow all my cash
on the shows and the hoes
yea I'll make it there one day I know
So I just ball out
And I get
Faded out
Faded out
Faded out
Faded out
Faded out
Faded out
End of the night I hope I be faded out
Right now I'm hooked on that Louis
Started out at the bottom now I stay penthouse with groupies
I love to ball out
All of these girls on my body
Sip Aquafina wit Molly
If she ain't nice then she naughty
She let me ball out
I keep it 100
Louis on my belt O/C all on my shirt
Quarter back calling
My team always wit me put you in the dirt
Not countin six shots see 7
Nah bitch you know I'm the reverend
Dousin these bitches in holy wata
Still countin my guala
Bitch I just ball out
I'm flexin finessing
Your girl I'm undressing
I dap up a homie
Take that as my blessing
I just
ball out
Flippin yay
Hit me on the celly for a xan
Bitch don't plays
Swervin on the beat like I'm bout to make a million
Try to turn me off well sorry I'm just really on
I be doing shit like this every day day
Comin up quick like I'm bouta hit a nae nae
Yea u see me
comin quick like god rip
Bouta take a backtrack on the train track back to good rap like that eazy e
I'm passing out pcp
I'm gone
faded out
faded out
faded out

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