ReallyRaheem - My City

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Watch em study me my flight boy on point too clean they might snipe
Just assassination in a whole other class past graduation those facts are blatant
I'm past them they only comprehend my past tense
Got a zero up like past tenths they can hold my place in past tens
In late fashion blasting the charts from the love of the art
Won't stop till I'm in a canvas from afar, practice
these rappers are passive at large backhanding them hard Sierra William charge
Swell headed they got that helium card, light punches way they spitting them helium bars,
Reaching the ceiling devouring any feeling they har bor against me
simba taste defeat with a scar
Oh they mad I can see it in they eyes tho can't deny talent
Try fast but ya boy is like an eagle can't deny talons
At last, got em at Land talking bout the kid ripping game like a falcon
Spare em some bitter change they can't salvage
Came like a hurricane to do damage
Straight blasting to a 4:4 flow got em running like a cold nose
Driving composition enough to cheffeur it, tipping my commission my mission it don't force it
Running game a referee fit a show for us fixed game then switch lanes but they all know it
We all know it you don't fool nobody but ya self
Real bars come to surface when you pheening for that belt
They want a tyrant enlightened that's fit been designing
that rips at first sight and lash out like a virus,
infecting the finest the rhymes are too binding
the message too blinding, and image defining
no stereotyping no roar of a lion, no biblical Zion or defying a science
just feelings are heightened a pen that is writing
a story that's surely to turn heads in compliance
I meant every every word my epitome only beginning to unfurl
oddest future got me looking like earl, pot that I stir
wizardry in my vicinity first
I'm the illest may the victims never forget that
I'm Drilling noggins penicillin don't regret that,
no gain without pain but never a setback
But I aim for the brain like insane then it's click clack

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