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Im mean muggin and street thuggin
Aint saying something to mean nothin
just saying where you feel something
been around zip to where i lean stumbling
Roses by the dozen everyday i mean hustling
Over educated
seein 30 ratin
till im occupatin
Fuck what you sayin ima do my shit
runnin towers till i empty my 3 fuckin clips
she likes the way it hits her lips
dont be afraid it was just a kiss
There aint gonna nothing more to this
and ill be rich if i get another diss
Mikes gotta little to much confidence
with some
Stacks in my jeans
broads on the scene
livin by the code fuck what you mean
cause i am a king yes
hit you with the yoa ming flex
you might wanna head for the fire exit next
let me clear the Genetics flip it to kinetics
rhymes are magnetic,
your synthetics.
ill let them bleed out my mouth
p town still in the motherfuckin house
so more for me
for what you see
im the best to be
ima stay muh fuckin G
Set me up Trigonometry
Without the G
itll say trionometry
thats 3 men who walk honestly
Benjamins to make sure pockets are abnormal
not to be a freak but girl you deserve some oral
being different is what makes you fuckin normal
Commited burglary but it wasnt purposely
this is 911 whats your emergency?
yes im on the pursuit of currency
and with it ill sell dope most certainly
Some say ive mastered this style to the syllable
the outlook is somethin clinical
and i dont mean to sound to biblical
but your girl is just so typical
changin the game
off the top of my brain
livin in a fast lane
bitches let it rain
Box Logo on my mum fuckin chest
Plus a 11-59 to his mum fuckin vest
left hand staggering on her much fuckin chest
light the body up till its laid to rest
Im jesus they judas my diamonds
the bluest
My women be the newest
More for me
less for you
drunk and ill be seeing fuckin two
Writing lyrics in my own fuckin mood
and I've got a little attitude
Lately Ive been on a mission
to help pay for my tuition
ive been turnin savage
makin rappers half they average
everyone dreamed a millionaires life
matter fact ive dreamed it twice
im on these dudes minds like lice
not dc just the whole fuckin genre
of course you got haters mamma
but i aint tryna see em mamma
i can always depend on my mamma
now that im geting some karma
hanging with a gun wish i could see it clearer
murder her kudos to the killer
this is micheal jacksons thriller
and i aint tryna steal her
left the game sicker than acapiller
im mister riper and wanna dealer
sick and twisted wind miller
rhyme on a feeler
i wanna be the next mac miller

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