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Sweat drips down onto my sweating brow
Heart pumping faster like a wedding vow
Surrounded by fans that are a screaming crowd
Yelling my name like a praise to be raised in this steaming round
Profound I am always at the climax of the mount
Spitting these lukewarm people out
No flukes on this track find a different route
Like I did and still came around
Like a boomerang whipping wind and splitting clouds
But the people didn’t listen so I started spitting loud
Because your born to the trade or scorned from this race
I earned my place now im stuck in it like a thorn in your face
Im sworn to its case bodyguard vigilante with a sword embraced
Cutting up these nut jobs putting a slice in their melon
Like a but crack what’s odder than that
Besides the fact im the father of facts
I don’t bother with acts
who are over psyched and can’t relax
if I wanted to see a real show
id call some actors for my music video
and id turn up the heat like the temp on the stove
red hot metal is my mic when I compose
charring my opponents like an over roasted piece of toast
up in the flames and in the smoke
keeping my tame against a hoax
where I aim for excellence and not to boast
while using my intelligence I suppose
I’ll let my word dam over flow
jammed for so long it’s a show for those
looking to be intrigued with words that are like a needle
but bring a fiery sting because I pulled them out of the haystack
because im admiring the strange and obscure
that grabs me and changes my current state of mind
to be released from the cages that their behind
but staged to lure me blind into the rhymes un-complex
but if I don’t do the hard tasks what have I accomplished
id travel through a space time vortex
to produce great lines with more text and meaning
then to spend a whole afternoon or evening
washing away useless time with singing
because for me there has to be a reason
like there is for all the seasons
a change in months and temperature
cause not everything you confront will be miniature
it will try to dissolve you like baking soda with vinegar
a combination that doesn’t make a solution but a solute
cause it’s all you with this literature
figure out the solution to the bigger picture
through the times that are rigor
find a goal and make that your fixture
because when I have a sole goal I wish to attain
I recognize the whole game Is for nothing
If I get second prize, I train myself to be able to gain
The best inside not to remain the same with congested pride
And set me blind which their yet to find
I’ve been named but most of all entitled
Now I can see my dreams it’s all in sight yall
This is my hip hop revival

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