Hyphen- The "It" Factor Freestyle

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The old geezers here
I'm 30 years old I don't need to win
I'm married with 2 kids I just needed a reason to leave the crib
So who is gonna verify it cause my wife probably won't believe I'm here
Chicks going back and forth
"Is that G-easy or Macklemore?"
Until I start rapping then they start screaming for me not to rap anymore
So go ahead dog, please hate
Cause I won't listen like angry drunk women listenin to what the police say
That's a joke, Something I'm prone to get into
This life's already intense, we all got plenty of issues
Yea I sound like Eminem,
but you sound like a fat slobbering Labrador retriever eating peanut butter by the spoonful
Cut my tether off
Throw it around like a tether ball
It's 10 o'clock now, how much time do you figure that I got?
But anyway my teacher told me I got the "it" factor
Then she tried to touch "it", inside the staff bathroom
pass gas inside of a soundproof booth
inhale the fumes and puke and still finish the verse that I'm doing
So somebody pinch me when these rappers are done
putting me to sleep with these wack lullaby songs
If I enter a battle and somebody gets my name drawn
they better shook like a dog if it gets rained on
So to try to remain strong
"Somebody quick please brainstorm an excuse for him"
Cause I'm a lyrical giant, defiant, and this guy is lookin "yay tall'
I'm outta place this isn't the place I came for
I was meeting up with lil Wayne to go to the skate park
That Hotline Bling song came on
and I started dancing like I was an 80 year old
At that point I lost track of where I was going
So anyway how do you plan to creep up
on a creepy peeping Tom
when anything you try to hide behind I'm already hiding behind the behind of it

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