The King

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new boy on the block, gotta get my props
gotta make it to the top
when im by myself
can i ever be a great, seem too far fetched
no less i die before the wealth
work hard, pray it all works out
even tho of a living
man it was always a giving
i gotta keep it so humble
never know who you see
when i got on stage all eyes on me
Tight grip to the things i hold close
too deep gotta plug up my nose
even tho i might close up my eyes
why see im better off blind
this world is to much too handle
only the lion survive
to say a lion is king but also lions can die
someone is always hating because they bask in ya glory
of how they on the same mission
but some how two different stories
i mean its funny to ask
because i got the same thinking
but in this situation
imma just fight to the death
imma just fight to the death (4x)

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