No Sympathy (RapPad Cypher)

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i work 8 hours a day,/ at a job that I hate/, to keep clothes on my back/,
and to put food on my plate, /I buy things I don't need to feel some form of
success,/ or to feel normal I guess,/ because I'm normally stressed,/ borderline
schizoprancic with anxiety,/ i diagnose my self cuz i cannot let them lie to me/
, paranoid i start to panic when a side of, takes over and goes manic towards
society, I'd rather die than be, a conformist, im an individual, reality is swarming,
and its critical, that I end up hitting the pinnacle, a sinical, critical prick, could've
been the prophet that god sent (nonsense) I'm twisted, sadistic, demented, but
that side is hidden, decendant of satan 8ikhimself, attempt to repent, but the
hatred is hell and I'm waiting as well, for the day of farewell I'm mentally secluded,
wish to be reputed as the greatest but those dreams are of yesterdays illusion,
I'm a nuisance and I know this, a hopeless broken poet, as soon as I noticed my
flo was this potent I focused and told my life story in the matter of moments, I am
the golden age, won't decay like the black locust, I'm goin' somewhere far,
holding the world up on my shoulders, hoping the globe will follow me like I'm the
modern day Moses, I suppose the closest I've come to hopelessness is knowing
this: the world won't ever know of this, because most of my songs won't ever be
released until I'm deceased and am able to leave a piece of me up on these beats,
as a legacy, the likes of which you've never seen, the best of me has left the rest
of me to battle breathlessly, and honestly, I really ain't missing me, just a soldier,
in the war of my own infamy, finish me, no sympathy.

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