Get the Fuck Over Here (V Cypher V)

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First off, big shout out to raginator
And the mothafuckin clique known as great Invaderz
NoVember's gonna be the great dictator
Hip hop, watch out, here's my rage -inator
I never was a part of big time cyphers
I'm not for abandonment, call me a pro-lifer
By the way, go check out my fuckin Lunch Time Cypher
You'll be surprised out of your pants like Mekhi Phifer
Intelligent, this belligerent, ignorant, son of a bitch
I'm just from the M, try'na come up as a rich kid
I'll ruin your life quickly, like your sins did
In all the world's greatest convos, i am mentioned
November knocks off the knack for no rhymes
Yo girl wasn't pleased so she came to blow mine
The moon is my werewolf, call me low tide
I've always had the ability to blow minds
I'm the Zeus to your Chronos, you the noob to my pro, yo
I got content no one cares about like Lenovo
I'll murder your brutally usually like I'm from Mongolia
I love black and brown, but I hate magnolia
Don't talk jack shit about me, or I'll troll ya
I'm gray and on hard all day, like Chromium
I fucked Aphrodite last week
Vesto caught me in bed, call me Ares, now I'm Greek
I'm the Poseidon to the sea of whack ass rappers and backpackers
The mothafuckin king, with no bling, no rings, you slackers
Break into the back door of your career, like a hacker
I'm un Anonymous, knock yo ass out, you in a state of
Unconsciousness, power politics is the make of
Incompetence, stupid people in power piss me off
The apocalypse is near, take cover bliss beef off
Angry Ares aims at your face, Allah avoids me
Because I beget bad, Bloods, bitches, and bastards who be
Coming capping in your car, they cancel your whole career
Don't do a dick move, damage downfalls on your dominion here
Effort's a key, be eager to rhyme, eat up early, envy your enemies
Fails just wanna fuck you in the face, just fuck em away, you feeling me?
Grudge girl's my bitch of ungodly divergent of generosity
Hella hags haze and bathe in the limelight of hypocrisy
Flow's hypnotic hypothetically hellish
Idiots idolize me as a hero, I don't think so
Just came to embellish my flow
Jealous of my excellent skill, join the justice journey to freedom
Killing KingBone slowly kissing a knife, see him
Be lacerated, the last living lowlife
Momma made me calm but I'm mean as a poltergeist
Never a nobody who is narcotic and lacks knowledge
Opium is overly appreciated by black profit
Paranormal sparrows passing by parasitically
Quit your qualification for rapping mine have quality
Ravaging monster, like a rhinoceros, you an obstacle
Shoot sacrilegious sons of bitches seven shots, probably
Taxes will take me away, you're another target in rap
U usually upset our brains, you're arguably whack
V's vaporizing vinegar vines, even Poison Ivy
Whack ass wrappers can candy apple their liability
Rappers these days are xerarch sons of weirdos
I'm like African tribes, gonna go spear those
Who disrespect me, you yearn for your life
The zenith of my career is near zipping up right
V is lyrical and ill with the pen
The crew will now show their skill once again
Now AK-9 will put a drill in your head
Y'all rappers more fake than Meek Mill with the bread

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