Just Another Day

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*Running footsteps*
[Verse 1]
Running across the street bullets whizzing by
Blasting the concrete as they ricochet by
Sprinting like an athlete just to stay alive
Ducking and fucking bloodied in the streets of Mumbai
Could see their shadows getting closer as I ran
As fast as I could like a Hellcat sedan
Cut a corner and froze mimicking Jackie Chan
And silently stood ready for the final stand
Footsteps getting louder there were two maybe three
In my mind I doubted whether to stay or to flee
So I counted from ten down to three,
Two, one! And shouted "Oi Motherfuckers! Come get me!!"
[Hook X2]
Filmcity, Juhu Beach down to Marine Drive
The City of Dreams with its dark side disguised
Everyday's a challenge a struggle to survive
In this city on the west coast called Mumbai
[Verse 2]
Emerged from the shadows with 2 Mili's and a Mac
I could see a black rose on a grave through a Kodak
Wish I hadn't chose to make scores of foes as I rose
Looking back I should've smacked them fools before I froze
My heart's beating faster look what I've become
Sinister laughter now they pointing up their guns
Ready to splatter my brains, blood and organs
It didn't matter much as their time had come
Took a few steps back heard the clicks and the clacks
Bait 'em into the trap and wait for 'em to attack
3 shadows approach with 2 Mili's and a Mac
Into a dark alley single way in and back
Deluded and caught left with no place to hide
Without a thought they'd strolled into certain suicide
3 outlines chalked Monday, 03:45
Just another day in the streets of Mumbai

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