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Devil on the prowl LIKE A PIMP in a pinky ring
sellin' supple dreams looking James Dean super clean
but pull off the veil through though hella prayer and some fastin'
you will see the world is acting and your built to out last him
we were molded and casted to take his story and blast it.
he faced death and 3 days later surpassed it
walked in to the party and crashed it
and he was like
you forgot i was the masthead
not even half dead
I concurred death back when big homie laz was past dead
I GOT A MOB feed,
spirit led
with 2 fish and five bread
So now I ask my self why I see 5 dead
On the boob tube, the black cube, its like the signs said
Don't climb in the wide bed, use the narrow one instead

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