Burn with me

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im like a spent bullet fired from a gloch nine
shooting straight from barrel robbing young minds
so dont bother with a rubber cant fuck with mine
theres no skill like mine with simple spit shine
im tough trouble doubled in a burst bubble
though the first verse i burst might be dressed so subtle
looking like the guy you could try to kiss and cudle
till you knee deep in your own mutha fuckin blood puddle
till the dust settles on my grey gun metal
you can bet im getting death threats
from legions of adults demons and devils
cause its easy to paddle through the seas of cattle
eating bullshit dropped by our leaders of capital
so plug in your tv's lets be gullible
till our cv's are wanna bees and sellable
your a butterball if you think your in control
so fuck it let the hennesy kill my soul
everybody on earth
come burn with me
don't be scared its alright
you can hold on me
through the night we can ride
dont be scared be to sleep
when we arrive we can fly
like a bird thats free
theres was a time when i thought i couldnt be
when violence and molly pills blinded me
now im so cool i could make your pool freeze
the sharpest tool in the shed to make a fool bleed
give a fuck about a chump and his side of the beef
left hook right hook please go to sleep
cause theres emotions in me you don’t dare wanna see
i don’t want you in your lair trying to steal from me
cause i don’t need you to breath this is easy to me
why try to get that spotlight away from me
ill expose every foe that imposters me
like a bottle bleach im methodically clean
so feel free to pour more dirt on me
cause ill be like now i know what jay z means
when the rap gets tarnished with envy green
but when i give a two fucks about it ill be you not me
hook x2
shhhh…god damn it who are you man?
i say answer me… answer me god damn it..
who are you?….Flowmatic
fuck the static im an addict
with dime bags im charismatic
my rap pads ecstatic with bic mathematics
fuck a tit for tat bitch im a automatic
a horny cock in the back of a ho paddock
so don’t stop with the show
cause i need to get the flow
over the top sinking more titanics
so with that billy teas back at it again
time for me to leave the dust up in the attic
honestly from the honest part of me
im honored that your noggins feeling me
its taking along time to get points with skill
but now that its finally binded live and ill
you’ve got no choice but to fucking deal with me

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