Cypher attack

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I'm that guy
I am fly
You will cry
You will die
Sigh, Here we go
Rocking some oily, slick, leathery flow
everybody spitting so slow
hurry up, let me give you a tow
Boxing day, so imma slay
And imma pray, I've got what it takes
clutch when we get high stakes
not fake, never a sellout - Drake
phone not a topic of a song
trying to be a king, not just a pawn
is it wrong to long, and saunter on
bright like the sun at dawn
I'm that guy
I am fly
You will cry
and you will die
I'm feeling a little interestingly witty
like somebody got my curiosity
but didn't bother to bother me
it's an atrocity
like a gone wrong lobotomy
talk to me, stop stalking me
i'm possibly rapping monstrously
is it wrong to see? Just hear
listen and witness genius creation
i'm on a mission to peak your senses
now I've got you tasting, do pop census
and list how many of us can do this,
how many have this on their wish list
many think I'm just another misfit
tsk tsk, fuck you and fuck this
play the hook and give me a rest
this is starting to make me stressed
I'm that guy
I am fly
You will cry
And you will die

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