Levels To This (Prod. AnnoDomini)

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Yo I'm fucking done with all these weak ass verses for this cypher man
Its time to fucking go in
Verse 1:
Dropping bodies till the counts are higher than these hollows cost
Feeling the blood drip from your skull while I'm ripping you hoes got me livid killing all you off
Deadly, I'm the monster you hate, dropping the bombs like you fought USA
You thought were safe till you wandered the gates, got caught in my sights now it's all MIA
(Uh) You're missing in action, hanging from a noose this is villainous acts it's
Been another day with my mental distractions giving the masses a visible dragon
Keep spitting fire to incinerate trash kids, mosh pit style leaving victim in ashes
Constantly promising ominous violence bring out the violins I'm stringing their asses
You ain't never seen a killer on the mic
That'll end your fucking life with the pencil i write (with)
My gift, presently making you peasants bleed, severing every vein to my melodies
Carrying bodies and pouring the kerosene, heavenly screams as I bring to life scary scenes
I am the beast who's been deemed as a God, eating you people with ease so prepare to bleed
(Uh) Destroying all you pompous pricks, my prominent constant hits will put you in a sarcophagus
I've fallen with the rawest gift, I'll have a rapper capped in the booty like he's somalian
Then wring his neck like Kayan Lawhi's quick
Drowning everybody till the police can find some evidence
How can I be so evil as a God and still be so damn heaven sent
Verse 2:
Living on the dark road, where the parts go when I stop to shoot
Drilling open heads till I'm getting so much brain everybody starts think im with a prostitute
Robbin' every life, yeah I'm gonna dine when i find me somebody that is worth the slice
Hurt the mind, go berserk and desert is the term I'm concerned for, I
Need me a bit of a human body, ripping off the top to consume the family
I'm a deadly psychopath who uses the mic to capture the message of a doomed new project
It was steady organs really pourin' out the mic when my force hit
Performance of a Jedi lurin' out the evil to kill it like orphans
Have bodies sore and soarin' through the sky like eagles high
My ego's high when I kill the competition like a snake and eagle fight
Messin' with me will leave your body six feet under till you're restin' in peace
Less than a piece, it's straight up war, my carnivorous form wants extra to feast
Severin' these, with no apology, come at me and I'll digest you with
I'm a Rex on the beats, killing off every other rapper who thinks they're next up to eat
Keep thinking you're solid, gassed up kids gonna get shredded like some vegetables be
Contesting with me
I'm a killer, Dahmer showed me how to end a problem when I drop a treacherous feat
If you really think that's the end of this shit...
You're fucking dumb....
This shit is over
Verse 3:
I'm startin' a wave of killed rappers whose place in the game is now under the ground
And no I don't mean that they're overly clean with the lyrics
They're dead and nowhere to be found
I'm fucking up beats like Holm did to Rousey
A pro willed to pound these, jokes killed amounting a toll that's astounding
Devoted to trouncing the coldest or most prone to show that they're lousy
Behold the compounding, taking out trash till my flow leaves them drowning
Loaded with rounds see, I've bodies to blow like an ocean
Controlling the tides, you cannot gain any traction like wheels on some frozen
Roads with no tread, all of you hopeless
Methods wrecking steady x'ing pests with chlordecone its
Another one of those tracks, loaded with crack
Something I've known that controls and attracts
Fiends, behold it it's golden the last week
I've sat back and watched as this lack luster kid
Has grasped at and got his chance but I'm that mean
That I'm gonna stop his path, killing his ass in a hockey mask
I gotta wait till the mic cools down to add Meyer my kills that Jack sons when I pop off and slash
I'ma right you till a fight brews
Then leave you red from the flow like a cycle
That's the end of that... have him left in the dirt since my right was intact
Send him up to heaven down on his knees
Take away his rights like I've bound his hands and feet
All these rappers are is prey like what you do to god when you see me

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